Krijn de Koning, Ruud Kuijer: 26 November – 24 December 2020

During Amsterdam Art Gallery Weekend (26-29 November) Slewe Gallery is pleased to open the exhibition of small sculptures by two Dutch artists: Krijn de Koning (*1963) and Ruud Kuijer (*1959). Both artists are known for their large-scale abstract sculptures throughout the Netherlands and abroad. Krijn de Koning for his colourful site-specific architectural installations and Ruud Kuijer for his classic abstract sculptures made of steel and concrete. In this exhibition Kuijer will show a new series of middle-sized iron I-beam sculptures. De Koning will present some new small interactive objects that you can tumble on each side as well as a new multiple, Volumes and Voids, produced in collaboration with Collect Editions. 

Krijn de Koning deals with the question how we experience architectural space. Most of the time De Koning creates site-specific work that questions the specific characteristics of a given location. More than spatial interventions these works are homogenous structures that can best be defined as sculpture, but also incorporate the qualities of painting and architecture. In this exhibition some small sculptures, a kind of models, will be shown. De Koning gives us, the public, an interactive role in the possibility of tumbling and playing around with the elements of sculpture and composing your own sculpture.

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Günter Tuzina, Und mit Rot: 17 October – 21 November 2020

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Und mit Rot by German artist Günter Tuzina. The exhibition will show new works by him. In 2000, twenty years ago, he had his first exhibition at Slewe Gallery. To mark this occasion a new catalogue is published, entitled Welt, giving an overview of the last twenty years, with texts by Rudi Fuchs and Ulli Seegers. The exhibition opens Saturday October 17 and will last until November 21.

The very refined relatively small paintings by Günter Tuzina show the inheritance of the minimalist idiom of the sixties and seventies. His rectangle sized paintings in mostly dark blue, red and green colors look like windows. They are cut by expressive horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. These lines and angles are not quite perfect, which give them an emotional significance.  …

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