Domenico Bianchi: 28 May – 2 July 2016

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition with new works by Italian artist Domenico Bianchi (*1955). The exhibition opens Saturday May 28 and will run until July 2, 2016.

Bianchi is known for his paintings made with his own developed technique of mixing wax and oil paint, sometimes combined with Palladium leaf. His images with a perpetuum mobile motive derive from computer program stills. The exhibition will show also some new works on paper in addition to some paintings and some small silver works …

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Günter Tuzina, Duo: 23 April – 21 May 2016

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Duo by German artist Günter Tuzina. The exhibition will show new works by him, both paintings and drawings. The exhibition will open Saturday April 23 and will last until May 21. There will be a music performance by the artist in collaboration with musician John Snijders Saturday 23 April at 4 pm. It will take about 20 minutes.

The very refined drawings and paintings by Günter Tuzina show the inheritance of the minimalist idiom of the sixties and seventies. His rectangle sized drawings in mostly dark blue, red and green colors look like windows. They are cut by expressive horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. These lines and angles are not quite perfect, which give them an emotional significance. It contrasts sharply with the anonymous, industrial perfection of Minimal Art.

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